Get Shades & Awnings For Your Cricket Games

Shades & Awnings are great for all kinds of applications.

One of these is parties and sporting events. Many people will install shades and awnings in fields and other sports areas.

For example, window shades are very cool to install in indoor cricket fields. These cricket matches can get pretty hectic and competitive so it’s important to have window shades in place that block the glare from the hot sun.

Apart from blocking out the glare, solar window shades also keep the place much cooler during those afternoon hours.

This helps the players play to their full potential and will no doubt ensure a better match.

If your indoor cricket field does not have shades installed, you can also recommend awnings. Awnings are a little different because they are meant to cover and shade instead of filtering light. You can compare prices for window blinds or get deals for wood blinds and discounted vertical blinds. Or for sale solar window shades and get cheap blackout blinds or get the best price for motorized shades. Are you asking how do I get window shades or roman shades best price check out bamboo blinds cheap. Make sure you order your awnings or shades from a reputable retailer to ensure high quality.

Show Me What You Got With New Blinds For Windows

Have you ever been sweeping your floor and looked up at your dirty blinds but did not want to clean them?primeblinds

Well you are not alone, blinds get very dirty and there comes a point where they should not be cleaned but actually replaced.

Now before you start crying, window blinds are not that really expensive. You can get them for cheap now a days.

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Measuring for Blinds For Your Cricket Room

If you have a cricket room where you store all your cricket gear you will want to preserve them. The best way to do this is to get solar shades that keep the sun out.

So do you want to learn how to measure for these blinds?

Well, it is very easy. All you will need is a measuring stick. Then you put the width first. After that you will measure the top, middle and bottom. After that you enter the smallest width and you put it on the site and the company deducts the perfect size so it fits inside. It’s really just as simple as that.theprimeblinds

You can get some of the best window treatments online. You can go here to the prime blinds com which is the best online store for wood window blinds and french door blinds. Oh yea, from the shade store that they are you can get blackout roller shades and motorized window shades. Well you can also get black shades in fabric roman shades or even bamboo window shades. Moreover, you will be glad that you measured for the windows perfectly.

Cricket The Sport Is Great For Everyone


Cricket is a great sport for those who want to play a sport that is both fun and a good workout.

It is similar to baseball but has its uniqueness to it. Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams on a field.

Cricket in general is a great sport to play because of team work. Speaking of team work, the guys over at were amazing when we ended up getting locked out of our team bus. They helped us arrive on time for our match.

Also, you don’t have to be super athletic like in other sports. Of course just like any other sport, it takes time and practice to get good at cricket. So don’t think because you are good in a sport like football, that you can just step up and take over a game of cricket, it just won’t happen.

You need to understand the rules. This is not baseball. However, it is a great team sport that brings people together. Moreover, you can get friends and family to play with you.


Just like in any other sport, you need to be fit and ready to rock and roll when it comes to this sport. The best way to train for this sport is to do power work. Strength and power are two different things. It’s like day and night and in the window blinds industry it’s more like blackout blinds and solar window shades. You mean that you want the best window blinds then look at these wooden blinds and panel track blinds. Drive nowhere and buy online their solar shades or blackout shades. You will see that their motorized blinds like these roller blinds, roman shades or bamboo roman shades can look great inside your home! It’s two different things and you need to be ready to fire the ball at any time. You need a lot of hand-eye coordination. But obviously the most important thing is to be in great shape.