Cricket Globe Mug 2007 – Murder and also Intrigue in the West Indies

On March 18, 2007, Bob Woolmer, the coach of the Pakistani National cricket team, was discovered dead in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston authorities ruled the death a murder considering that coach Woolmer appeared to have actually been strangled to death. This all came in the midst of the 2007 Cricket World Cup being played in the West Indies.

For the unaware, the video game of cricket has developed from the staid game played by English gentlemen in white uniforms to a sport of intense passion that rivals only that of European football. The nations of the British Republic as well as Britain’s previous colonies, such as India and Pakistan, have a few of one of the most rabid followers. Not coincidently, India as well as Pakistan likewise field 2 of the very best teams in cricket and both were greatly preferred to go much in the Cricket Environment Cup 2007.

As a result, it came as rather a shock, as well as destruction to followers of Pakistani cricket, that the Pakistani cricket group, trained by Bob Woolmer was thrown out of the Cricket Globe Cup 2007 in the first round by Ireland. The Irish cricket group is not specifically a cricket power home and also absolutely not of the very same caliber as Pakistan. This reality has actually elevated some eyebrows in cricket circles, but we’ll return to this momentarily.

Indian fans rioted in the 1996 Cricket Environment cup due to the fact that their group was losing as well as the suit had actually to be stopped as a result. The Pakistani federal government ordered an official investigation into why its team lost throughout the 1996 Cricket World mug.

Yet have things gotten to the point that someone would resort to murder from passion or greed because of an online game had fun with large wood bats and also a little natural leather ball? For the document, the gamers of the Pakistani group were green light of uncertainty in the murder, at least for the moment. The first theory is that the criminal activity was dedicated by the supposed cricket mafia. Very early evidence in the event recommends that instructor Woolmer could have been killed by a person he understood considering that there were no indicators of forced entry into his space or indicators of a battle. This last factor is tough to reconcile because Bob Woolmer was a huge male who was capable of putting up a great fight.

This is definitely a fantastic disaster for not just followers of cricket and the Pakistani players, but likewise for the family and friends of trainer Woolmer. He was well such as by his players and respected throughout the cricket environment. Bob Woolmer was never connected with any unfaithful rumors, even when he was the train of the South African cricket team during the match-fixing episode there.

Whether it ends up that Bob Woolmer was without a doubt murdered by the “cricket mafia” or even an irate fan or followers anxious over the embarrassing elimination of Pakistan from the first round of the Cricket World Mug 2007, the video game of cricket has actually taken yet a further turn to the dark side.

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