Interest India to have a Clear Cricket Player Selection System

Let us appeal to the Indian Cricket Control panel (BCCI) to have a Transparent Option System. They must carry out the following:

1. Lay a point based transparent system for Indian group’s player choice 2. Lay a factor based transparent system for Probables for the Indian team 3. Lay a point based transparent system for Deselection of players (for going down non-performing players) 4. Lay a factor based clear system for resurgence of went down players (a wee bit much easier than fresh inclusions).
If there is a problem creating the system, I for one offer my solutions completely free to create a solid option system. I am providing 2 immediate possibilities:.

a. Each player’s suit efficiency factors can be automated (Democrat system) b. Each player’s match efficiency points could be granted on by selectors (Replican system).
Which one do you like? Or better you could elect it today (in surveys on the right side of the home page).

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